Ash-Shakur – The Appreciative

The One Who recognizes and rewards the small quantity of action, Who forgives the large quantity of sins. He is the One Who multiplies the rewards of His sincere servants manifold without any measure. He is the One Who recognises and rewards those who give thanks to Him and remembers the one who remembers Him. Whosoever seeks to get close to Him by doing any righteous action, Allaah draws close to Him by a greater degree.

"Indeed, as-Safa and al-Marwah are among the symbols of Allah . So whoever makes Hajj to the House or performs 'umrah - there is no blame upon him for walking between them. And whoever volunteers good - then indeed, Allah is Appreciative and Knowing." (Quran, 2:158)

"That He may give them in full their rewards and increase for them of His bounty. Indeed, He is Forgiving and Appreciative." (Quran, 35:30)

"And they will say, "Praise to Allah, who has removed from us (all) sorrow. Indeed, our Lord is Forgiving and Appreciative" (Quran, 35:24)

"It is that of which Allah gives good tidings to His servants who believe and do righteous deeds. Say, (O Muhammad), "I do not ask you for this message any payment (but) only good will through kinship." And whoever commits a good deed - We will increase for him good therein. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Appreciative." (Quran, 42:23)

"If you loan Allah a goodly loan, He will multiply it for you and forgive you. And Allah is Most Appreciative and Forbearing." (Quran, 64:17)