Al-Qawiyy – The Most Strong

These fall under the meaning of Al-Aziz.

"(They are) those who have been evicted from their homes without right - only because they say, "Our Lord is Allah." And were it not that Allah checks the people, some by means of others, there would have been demolished monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques in which the name of Allah is much mentioned. And Allah will surely support those who support Him. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might." (Quran, 22:40)

"Allah is Subtle with His servants; He gives provisions to whom He wills. And He is the Powerful, the Exalted in Might." (Quran, 42:19)

"Indeed, it is Allah who is the (continual) Provider, the firm possessor of strength." (Quran, 51:58)