Al-Muqaddim – The Expediter

Al-Muqaddim means: the One Who presents things and places them in their right place.

Whoever deserves to be advanced, preferred or favored over others, the Almighty, al-Muqaddim, advances his rank or status. And He advances the living, each according to his sincerity of worshipping Him, protecting them against falling into disobedience of Him.

He has advanced the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) from the very beginning and will advance him at the very end, in the Hereafter. He took a covenant from all those whom He sent into this world that: "... when a Messenger comes to you verifying that which is with you, you must believe in him, and you must support him" (Quran, 3:81). He also advanced him on Laylatul-Isra', the Night Journey. Muhammad (pbuh) led all other Prophets in congregational prayers.